The relationships between the film, television and publishing worlds are evolving. International co-productions and projects that keep global viewers in mind have resulted in numerous multimillion-dollar-grossing box-office hits, sometimes in unexpected foreign markets that also turn a profit at home. Young adult adaptations, self-published manuscripts and other titles have also highlighted new sources and genres with huge potential. We live in interesting times – characterised by a groundbreaking cross-pollination of mediums. As a result, production companies require new services, resources and perspectives to bring global material ripe for adaptation to the screen.

Dialogue Scouting is the first UK-based Book to Film and Television scouting consultancy. With over 25 years of combined experience within the publishing, film and television industries, Dialogue works as an external literary development team for some formidable producers, always with a view towards gaining early access to a great story. We excel at  sourcing, evaluating and uncovering compelling stories with high potential for successful adaptation. Our team is made up of book scouts, readers, editors, writers, producers, publicists and strategists with strong relationships spread throughout the industries of literary publishing, magazine publishing, film production and communication.

Using this wealth of knowledge, we advise on trends and provide a range of personal services tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

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