Sharmaine Lovegrove: Co-Founder and Publishing Consultant

Following six years in Berlin where she founded English-language bookshop Dialogue Books and creative consultancy Dialogue Berlin, Sharmaine and her young family moved to London in 2014 to embrace her work as a literary consultant and to establish Dialogue Scouting.

South London born, Sharmaine studied Politics and Anthropology in the capital and has a background that spans politics and the arts, characterised by an intellectual curiosity that embraces innovation. She has nearly two decades of working in the publishing industry in roles as diverse as bookseller, publicist and digital consultant. Attuned to compelling narratives, she understands the essence of a client's story and executes the concepts and deliverables key to its success. From PR for a novel to development in commercial or creative production, to community building and running a successful event series at Soho House Berlin, Sharmaine's vast experience with storytelling brings a unique market perspective to Dialogue.

Sharmaine's approach is formed from a deep respect and understanding of the power of narrative, and the underlying people and experiences which create it. Using this as a basis, Sharmaine has an instinctive bookseller's approach to understanding the needs and requirements of her clients and is able to use her passion to get right to the heart of a great story and call upon her enviable contacts to make a deal.


Tobi Coventry: Co-Founder and Development Consultant

With a sharp editorial eye and in-depth understanding of powerful storytelling, Tobi provides a keen focus in hunting for material that is ripe for adaptation in the current marketplace. Combining a hungry imagination with a finger on the pulse, and years of experience in the film and television industry, Tobi believes in the importance of great relationships, communication and ideas, which lead to amazing stories.

Growing up in a small village full of ghosts, Tobi studied Film Theory in London before quickly immersing himself in the industry, with a future in adaptation firmly in mind. Having worked as a script reader and editor, a producer and in development, he understands all angles of making film and television, and moved into scouting in 2013 with the goal of bringing the best stories from the literary world to the best storytellers in the business.

With a hereditary love of books, mythology and the magic of film, Tobi is dedicated to working closely between the worlds of publishing and production, in order to keep development slates filled with the most exciting new material out there. He’s very much into dogs and Jurassic Park, and speaks a little bit of Swedish.