Dialogue Scouting
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The first UK-based Book to Film and Television scouting consultancy.

Meet the Team


Dialogue Scouting is a London based Literary Scouting service for Film and Television, and has been finding books for adaptation since 2015. Stemming from a background in film and television development, screenwriting & production and crossing in to publishing, Dialogue works with some of the UK’s leading film and television producers, always with a view towards gaining early access to a great story and unearthing hidden gems to make the right match. We excel at sourcing, evaluating and uncovering compelling stories with high potential for successful adaptation, whilst giving clients the priceless inside information. Our extended network is made up of book scouts, readers, editors, writers, producers, and publicists with strong relationships spread throughout the industries of literary publishing, film & TV production and communication.

Using this wealth of knowledge and love for books, and our passion for groundbreaking film and television, Dialogue Scouting provides a range of personal services tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We stay one step ahead of the game in order to match the most exciting stories to the best storytellers out there.